With a knack for art & architecture, former engineer turned interior designer, Eshita Marwah, talks to us about her creative process while lounging in our Isla dress at home.

Tell us something about you that not a lot of people know.

Fashion was my first true love. 
Art, photography, architecture and interior design came after, in that order.

What do you think is common between art, design, and fashion?
Other than the fact that they’re all forms of self-expression and outlets for creativity, I think each of them has the power to elevate our lives. They also are great sources of instant gratification.

How would you describe your aesthetic in three words?
Clean, classic, color-coordinated.

In a parallel pandemic-free world, where would you be spending the Summer of 2021? 
In a riad in Casablanca!

"I like to design subconsciously, at the back of my head.. while I’m walking, sleeping, maybe reading.. "

What is your creative process?
Inspiration “striking” really has a meaning in my life, so I’m always ready to take notes and draw on the go.

I take mental pictures of the spaces I have to design, try to have a clear head, surround myself with all sorts of things I can draw inspiration from, and generally start from there.

Tell us about your proudest project till date. (with pictures please :D) 
Zwaan was a beautiful project, quite early on in my career and with limited experience, which I designed and executed almost entirely on my own. It was also during Zwaan that I discovered my love for black, white and gold. 

Also my most recent residential project called A Midnight Serenade where we customized everything from rugs to lighting to hardware to artwork. It came together like a dream.

What would be the title of your biography?

How to think pretty and make a living out of it. 


Do you think assertion in women is not welcomed when dealing with male clients? How do you battle sexism in the workplace? 

I haven’t ever given this much thought because I think it doesn’t matter, and I don’t let it stop me from saying (albeit nicely) exactly what’s on my mind. 

If you’re good at your job and believe in the work that you do, irrespective of whether the client is male or female, you should be able to get your point across without worrying about the consequences. 

You do you, and get ahead! 

" I battle sexism by sometimes calling it out directly, and sometimes just proving myself through the work I do, affirming the fact that talent isn't gender-specific. "

How would you describe the power of female-friendship?
I truly believe I wouldn’t be who I am today without my girlfriends. It’s the constant support, critique, love, and encouragement from each one of them across the globe that has led my way. 

I have my girlfriends installed everywhere, from San Juan to Vancouver to Paris. They inspire me, they guide me, they’re my life support group. 

From advice on picking a brunch outfit to moving countries to follow my passion, they’ve been there each step of the way. 

Which are your favourite spaces around the world? Including the ones you have not visited but wish to go. 
Let me go from countries to regions to cities - 
Italy, Morocco, Scotland, Portugal, Provence, New York City & Paris.



" I'm generally not into trends and don't keep up with them. I believe in classics, things that speak to me and are built to last "

 How was your experience designing Zwaan’s flagship store?

A visionary that she is, Tanvi saw something in my work before most others. She entrusted me with her dream and it was so fulfilling to bring it to life. 

Who is your favourite artist? 
Henri Matisse & Le Corbusier (as a painter) 

What's a current trend that you love and a trend that you hate?
I’m generally not into trends and don’t keep up with them. I believe in classics, things that speak to me and are built to last. 
Also, not one to usually hate on anything - to each their own.

What is your pet-peeve? (We all have one!)
Well, I have more than a few, but the number one would be – ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING MISPLACED, at work or at play!
A close second is switchboards ruining an otherwise perfect elevation.

Which is your favourite corner of your home and why?
My balcony, where I spend good couple hours every morning, reading, designing, breathing, day-dreaming and organizing my day before the rest of the world wakes up.
As much as I love interiors, it’s so good to be outdoors for a breath of fresh air every morning. 

How do you like to spend your time off? (hoping you get some)
Ideally in a pool bar, with a book and a drink.
Generally at home, with a book and a drink. 

Tell us three things that are in your shopping cart right now.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, Light blue hand-blown drinking glasses,The Pilates Class by Jacqui Kingswell
(I have about fifteen, but since I was only asked three..) 

Lastly, a quick 'This' or 'That'?
Early Riser or Night Owl - Early early riser 
Sweet or Savoury - A bit of both, depends on the time of the day
Beer or Wine - Super dry, full-bodied red wine, please and thank you!
Physical or Digital - Physical, all the way (except for online shopping)