It's a pleasure to introduce Inshiya, a makeup artist who has a deep passion for the art. Her elegant and clean aesthetic is what catches your eye as well as her contagious smile!

What did baby Inshiya want to become?

This takes me way back, well baby Inshiya aspired to be a doctor just like my nanu, but as I grew a little older I realised, I was too scared of 
needles and blood so I dumped the idea of becoming a doctor!
Then, I wanted to become an astronaut, maybe because space and planets fascinated me but of-course life had different plans for me.

Are you a coffee person or a tea person?

Definately a coffee person. Milk coffee is a big no no for me, but black coffee is my thing. Although, I have cut down on coffee substantially because I found myself getting dependent on that quite a lot. So right now, life itself gives me my caffeine.

In a parallel pandemic free world, where would you be spend the summer of 2021?

I love the work I do, so my summers, regardless of pandemic going on or not- I'm absolutely caught up with my appointments. But my husband and I are usually travelling in June and July every year because that's the time we both are comparatively free. One trip which is pending since 2019 is going to Italy. We planned it in 2019, ended up going to the States that year thinking we would go to Italy in 2020 but then pandemic happened. So as soon as this dies down a bit, I am going to Italy (my bags are packed). Just cannot wait to shop and eat some gelato.

"I get inspired by human stories. Their struggle and hardships and how they overcame them by beating all odds, is what inspires me"

Which artist inspires you?

I get inspired by human stories. I could be getting inspired by a golfer if his/her story moves me. So, human stories is my thing. Of- course I admire many artists from my field such as Scott Barnes, Mario Dedivanovic, Rea Ann Silva etc. Again for me, more than their work, its their struggle and hardships and how they overcame them by beating all odds stacked against them, is what inspires me.

What are the current trends that you love and a trend that you hate?

Although social media is my bread and butter, I don't like the fact that we all put up a very nice, almost perfect life in front of people only trying to get attention and validation. While I do all these things myself, I do miss living carefree and not give a damn about likes and comments.
Social media - 'Instagram' mainly, has become huge and it gives a platform for independent artist like myself to showcase the work I do so social media and I have a complicated relationship.

Introduce us to your cat.

My cat is my furbaby, his name is Mr. Moon. He was supposed to be white but due to his habit of going in the corners and rolling on the floor, he very frequently becomes dusty brown haha..
He came into our lives during the depressing 2020 covid lockdown and changed it completely. He is cute, goofy, lazy, and cranky all at the same time. Give him tuna and chicken and he is all yours (only till the treat lasts haha!)

" Being independent and not being answerable to anyone really lets me showcase my creative side to the utmost."

What is the best and worst part of being an independent artist?

The best part is in the question itself, being independent and not being answerable to anyone and showing my creative side is a big plus.

I don't think there is anything negative besides the fact that in being busy with work, my dates get blocked 5-6 months in advance and in that I miss out on a lot of social events and family gatherings.

How do you like to spend your weekends?

Ideally I would like to spend my weekends with my husband and my family, staying home, eating good food and watching some sitcoms with my husband.

Three things in your shopping cart right now?

Currently i am on a yoga pants shopping spree so yah that and some cute skirts for my upcoming holiday!

What do your mornings look like?

Morning starts with lots of cuddles with my husband, we both are very slow in the mornings so it takes a lot of time to get to speed, followed by a nice and quiet breakfast and then we rush to work.

What does your skin care routine looks like ? Which are the three products you cant live without?

I try to stick with a simple skincare routine which is easy for me to follow everyday. I start with cleansing by using my dermalogica daily microfoliant or a Cetaphil cleanser and this is then followed by toner. Sometimes I skip the toner and use my cetaphil moisturiser and I like to top it up with my sunscreen from La shield, which is a very important step for me, and lastly I like to use my all time favourite laneige sleeping berry mask.

How would you describe your Aesthetic in three words?


Complete the sentence - "Fashion to me is .. "

Fashion to me is whatever makes me feel confident and compliments my personality.

Resolution for 2021?

Over the past few years, I have been all over the place when it comes to balancing between my family life, my personal health and my professional life.
Being well aware of that, I decided to be a bit more organised and give myself some 'me time' where I can look after my health and balance things out.