The World of Zwaan

The House of Zwaan 

Zwaan, the dutch word for “Swan”, symbolises grace and elegance. It was founded in 2016 with a vision of creating minimalistic and timeless occasion wear for the contemporary woman. Guided by modernity, sensuality, and femininity the label has evolved over the years embracing the needs of today’s women by branching into resort and pret wear. Strongly rooted in its unique design language of supreme craftsmanship, fine tailoring, and attention to detail, Zwaan offers a sense of luxury and sophistication to elevated essentials and contemporary creations by marrying refined ease to artisanal craftsmanship.


The Muse 

Made to be worn and re-worn over the years, Zwaan’s creations draw inspiration from the urban women who are driven, independent and constantly re-inventing themselves. The woman who adorns Zwaan sees self-love and self expression as the ultimate form of luxury.


Tanvi Sawlani, Founder and Creative Director


The enterprising designer developed her interest in fashion very early on in life. In order to pursue her passion, she went on to achieve her degree in fashion designing from the prestigious NIFT, Gandhinagar. She appreciates simplicity and functionality in designs and wants to cater to the Indian audience with western couture-inspired drapes and silhouettes.



The Flagship Store



At Zwaan's new store in Delhi, the concept of inclusive fashion assumes profound significance. Here, the celebration of diverse female body types is seamlessly woven into both interior design and fashion. The brand, symbolising grace and elegance, draws inspiration from driven and independent urban women who constantly reinvent themselves. And so, the vision for the store was to radiate the same emotion—a space where women perceive self-love and self-expression as the ultimate forms of luxury. Throughout the store, concealed storage with abstract forms representing female bodies draws the gaze. Zwaan’s new store in Delhi, Dhan Mill was envisioned by the designer to be her most creative self and to resonate with her personality and vision. 



'It's a haven for people who appreciate the artistry, craftsmanship, and mindful curation that elevate fashion into a form of self-expression and ethical responsibility.'

- Architectural Digest 



The flow of the store is intuitive, guiding customers on a journey celebrating uniqueness. From hourglass figures to pear-shaped silhouettes, every shape is celebrated and immortalised in the design.




We retail out at our Flagship Store in Surat. Designed and created mindfully, the space reflects the brand aesthetics with details most noticeable to meticulous eyes. From custom-made brass chandelier to white-panelled walls – the minimalistic space brings in a sense of calmness to the onlooker. Displaying some of our most loved creations, the doors of our store welcome you into the world of Zwaan.

We also retail at leading multi-designer brick and mortar stores and e-commerce portals like Aza, Nykaa, and Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.



The Atelier and The Makers

Located in Surat, our atelier houses a workspace for brilliant craftspeople – pattern makers, dressmakers, draping specialists and embroiders – all trained and skilled in their unique craft over the years.



The Zwaan Team