We spent a sun - kissed afternoon interviewing Suprith Bagwale, a true fashion enthusiast and a ray of sunshine. We're in awe of his gleaming personality and charisma, and are so delighted to have the first blog dedicated to him! 

What does your name 'Suprith' mean?  
Meaning of my name is 'Likening'. Liken means to point out the resemblance of someone or something too. In simple words " the act of comparing similarities ."

What does fashion mean to you?  
It gives us a glimpse into someone's personality. It's how you differentiate yourself from others. To me personally, clothes have no gender. I'd love to wear anything which makes me stand out of the box.

What is one colour we will never find in your wardrobe?  
That colour would be 'Purple'.

What is your dream job? 
Well that's an interesting question, but I'd love to be the Head Designer or the Art Director at Louis Vuitton's womenswear collection, or to be one of the most established stylists in the Indian fashion industry.


Tell us about your proudest moment.  
Well there are quite a few moments that I would consider to be my proudest moments, but for me there is one that stays on top. It was my "coming out" to my family & friends. I consider that sexual orientation or gender identity is still a taboo. Letting out a part of you which you have always kept hidden from yourself & the rest of thr world, gives you a huge amount of peace and pain at the same time. 

If you were to be offered free flight tickets to anywhere in the world, which place would you pick? Why?  
PARIS- The city of love&fashion. Why? - Simply because Paris happens to be the capital of fashion. 

Who is your fashion icon?  
Rihanna- the singer, designer & fashion icon. Simply because she has put the work, work, work!

Name one pet peeve?  
One of my biggest pet peeves is poor eye contact or not looking in the eye while having a conversation.

What's phrase you use a lot? 
I have been told I use "Though & OMFG" a lot while I have a conversation.

What is a current trend that you love and a trend that you hate?  
The current trend of oversized clothing like shirts, blazers (pretty much everything that is oversize ) are low – key my favourite from the latest trend. Hate this whole trend which is going on all over the Pinterest  and Instagram about these clay/acrylic huge finger rings which come in very bold colours.

Lastly 'this' or 'that'?

  • Night out or Night in? - Night out.
  • Coffee or Tea? - None.
  • Online shopping or Shopping in a store?BOTH! But I'd have to say shopping in a store (to feel and touch the garments and products)
  • Ocean or Mountains? – Oceans ( but I love to experience/feel them both together )







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