Wine and Cheese Soiree!

Sip, Swirl, Swallow!

They say that one cannot simply have wine like other drinks, one needs to develop a taste for it. Now that comes with experience and an understanding of this drink. Are you planning to host a wine soirée? Confused about what to serve with your wine? There is a thing about classic pairings that can never go wrong. Sommeliers have been pairing wine and cheese for centuries now! The sophisticated art of serving different a kind of cheese with wines isn’t that complex. We have deconstructed the basics for you. So grab that glass of wine and start jotting down the pointers to host the perfect wine and cheese night!


Let's begin with the basic four categorisation of wines, namely: Red, White, Rose, and Sparkling Wine!

Red Wine is fermented with the skin of grapes and aged for a certain period of time depending on the nature of the fruit and desired taste. Two interesting picks for this kind of wine are Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Merlot is sort after amongst beginners given it’s soft and ripe taste whereas Pinot Noir is often known as snobby since one needs to develop a palate for it.

Cheddar cheese works best with Merlot and Comté balances the taste of spices and berries of Pinot Noir.


White Wine is a golden yellow colored end product of fermentation of non-colored grape pulp. It's processed without the skin of grapes, hence the color.  Oaked and non-oaked white wine has it’s own loyal following.

Oaked Chardonnay is the most popular wine because of its rich vanilla flavors and the undertone of wood aging. It has a creamy texture so cheeses like Brie or Camembert pairs mighty fine with it.

Sauvignon Blanc is very different from the likes of Chardonnay. This barrel-fermented wine has earthy and herbaceous flavor profile that gives it a distinctive taste. Soft and sour cheese like Goat’s milk goes well with this.


Rosé has been an underdog and has recently been popularized as the new age millennial wine, mostly because of its color and refreshing taste. It can either be semi-sparkling or sparkling based on the grapes processing and fermenting.

Pinot Noir Rosé is a dry wine, which is sweet smelling and effervescent with the undertones of strawberry, mint and earthy flavors. Goat Cheese is the most versatile pairing with this wine.

Grenache Rosé has an overpowering and exhilarating aroma of berries and floral notes. It is sweet and dry and is the go-to choice for a summer drink. Cheddar Cheese with its creamy texture sits well on the taste palate of the drinker.

Celebrations and Champagne go hand-in-hand. Sipping on those bubbles gives one a stimulating feeling. One of the safest choices for champagne is Brut. It is dry, unrefined and one doesn’t need a reason to pop a bottle of good Brut. Brie has a crème rich texture and compliments well with the dryness of this wine.

There is a concept of dessert wine that is quite sweet. Doux is the best of them. Easy on taste and pairs well with Goat Cheese and grapes on the side.

Now that you are an expert on the cheese and wine affair, plan a Page 3 get together and call your peeps in to relish this classy pairing!